Following 16 years of personal practice, as I was balancing motherhood and a busy corporate career, I decided to listen to my heart and enrol in the YogaCampus teachers training course.  Soon enough I chose to replace my marketing hat with a yoga-teaching mat and embark on a different journey.

I am passionate about getting people connected to their bodies and minds in this noisy, fast-paced world. I believe that everyone can achieve a better sense of equilibrium and well-being through the learnings of both mindful movement and introspective stillness that come with yoga.

I encourage my students to connect with their inner pulse, while enjoying the physical experience.  

I love how the practice of yoga and meditation are life-long paths, a never-ending journey of learning, self-discovery and growth. Forever a student, I am always experimenting, taking courses with teachers that inspire me, and trying out other movement modalities which I later infuse into my teaching.

My goal as a teacher is to inspire my students to connect with the joy of movement, approaching the practice with curiosity.